Caring for Your Furry Friends

Caring for your Furry Friends

We're a "bark" above the rest!

Our Story

Ali's Grooming opened it's doors for the first time in 2003.  What was formerly known as "The Grooming Shop", is now owned by Alicen Collins.  "Ali", what most of her furry and non-furry customers refer to her as, has been grooming for over 10 years, and has been living in Madisonville, Texas for over 20 years. 

What We Do

Ali is certified in all things "dog", including Master Groomer, bather, blow dryer, toe-nail-trimmer and even foot massaging for pets.  She is also certified to perform CPR on a dog, in case of an emergency.  Depending on your dog, on average, upon arrival, dog will go in a kennel until an employee can get to him/her.  We try to be as prompt as possible.  If your dog needs a haircut, the majority of the dogs hair will be cut prior to its bath.  Next is bath time; an employee or Ali will inspect the dog to see if it needs flea treatment or special skin treatment and treat the dog accordingly-- with permission from customer.  After the bath, the dog will get a blow dry, toenail trim, and remainder of grooming will be performed.  Bows or a bandana and perfume will be given to every finished doggy.  Can you say SPAW day?!

Opening Hours!

We are open Monday - Friday

8 am. - until the last dog goes home! (we strive for that to be 5pm.)