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Grooming Services

At Ali's Grooming, every dog starts at a base price and will be charged accordingly after the groomer has inspected the dog for anything that may cost extra, such as fleas, excessive matting in the hair, aggressive behavior, etc.

We offer several A la carte services, including but not limited to: 

Toenail Trims: Starts at $10, price increases with size of dog

Bath only: Starts at $25, increases with size of dog

Ear Cleansing: Starts at $10

Anal Gland Expression: Starts at $15


Full Grooming Prices also vary, but start at: ​

Miniature/Small Breeds: $35 - $45

Medium Breeds: $45+

Large Breeds: $55-100+

**All prices are subject to change after seeing your dog in person.**
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